Monday, October 22, 2012

Atlanta, IL

Paul Bunyon welcome you
to Atlanta, IL

   Atlanta is in Georgia and Old Route 66 doesn't go through it, right? And Paul Bunyan carries an ax, not a hot dog. Who knew that Atlanta is midway between Chicago and St. Louis? Oh yes, that is Atlanta, IL. I had never heard of Atlanta, IL until I read about it in Lauren's blog "Thoughts of a Route 66 Business Owner".  (If you are ever near Afton, OK stop by and say hi to her at the Afton Station. Click here to learn more about it on
  This Paul Bunyon was in front of a cafe in Cicero, IL for many years and now is proud to welcome visitors to Atlanta. Note this guy spells his name with an "o" to avoid confusion with the many other 19' Paul Bunyans along Route 66. Click here to learn more on the tourism page. The tourism page also tell about the murals that are in Atlanta. 
  The official Atlanta, IL website has information for residents, tourist, and future businesses. Of course, I am a virtual tourist so I will wander on down the street. I understand that there is tons of genealogy information in the local library. Being a history buff, I want to be sure to visit the "Atlanta Museum Exhibits" while I am there. 
   My very favorite stop on this virtual visit is the J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator. The little kid in me had the best time clicking on all of the links to learn "Where Do Your Cornflakes Come From". The museum is only open during the summer months, but one can visit online anytime. Also, there are some fantastic resources for teachers, check out those links also.
  While visiting the Atlanta, IL website I discovered Off I go to learn more about that website...want to come along?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Update for Week 10/08

Updates are taken directly from tweets, blogs, and Facebook posts 
with credit given to original author. 

Update #1
The Harvest Tour 2012 was held in Franklin County, IA over the weekend. This is an annual tourism tour for six bloggers. I follow this event closely because I follow my friend Deb Brown, one of team that put this event together. 
       A couple of very good blog posts about it:

       "Franklin County, Iowa: Harvest Tour 2012 Part I"
        "Harvest Tour 2nd Year"
            Michael Libbie has several photos of the even on his Facebook page.

If you know of other posts, please share a link in the comments. 

Update #2
Jewett, TX is having their 31st Fall Frolic starting on October 12.

Update #3
Jonesborough, TN has a very successful Storytelling Festival this past weekend. I will posts links to blogs as they become available. However, I must share this photo. Two of my favorite people, Jeanne Robertson and Ellouise Schoettler. Click here to visit Ellouise's website.
Picture borrowed from
Ellouise's Facebook page.